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Technology Sector Update (21/6/2016)

Introducing High-Speed Internet to the Southern Highlands NSW

Do we develop our own digital networks?

Our region already has access to a number of telecommunications providers, including the NBN.

Moving forward we have two broad options.

We can do what most other regional shires have done and wait for telcos and the NBN to eke out their digital services. Under this scenario, while our telecommunications are likely to be workmanlike, they are not likely to be powerful enough for many large companies, or companies involved in data-intensive industries, such as research, digital media, high-end health, or research. Under this “do nothing” scenario, we have no significant infrastructural advantage over any other region.

An alternative is to develop our own high-speed network(s) in the region – in other words develop a “Smart Region”. Best practice suggests:

  • Competition is promoted on the network, not for the network.
  • It is essential that there be a holistic, all-inclusive plan that forms the basis of anything that we are going to do. Isolated projects that can’t be sustained (death by pilot)
  • Providing leadership, developing the vision and engaging with the citizens and the broader community are essential

Simply put, digital regions spawn more jobs and spur innovation. Do we have what it takes to become an internationally successful Digital Region?

Technology Sector Summary: Oct 2015

Technology Sector Summary: July 2015

Where we want to be by 2031

Digital Region

  • Build appropriate Information and Communications Technology (ICT) as an important industry in its own right and as an enabler for economic development generally (2031-EconDev-5.5.5)
  • Invest in communication technology for direct interaction with the community (2031-Leaders-1.4.2)
  • Digital Economy Transition – Fast broadband allows regional businesses and communities to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Connected regional communities are safer, more competitive and more amenable. (RDA Table-SH)
  • Capital Region Digital Enterprise (CRDE) Program. The CRDE program offers free training to assist businesses and community groups get online. (RDA Table-SH)
  • Digital Business. Our website is a rich source of digital economy information and resources. Our Roadshow program has a strong online focus. (RDA Table-SH)