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Recreation Sector Updates (21/6/2016)

Developing Cycling & Bush Walking in the Southern Highlands

What is the best way to maintain our reputation as a top cycling destination? How could we profit from a Bundanoon to Fitzroy Falls walk way / bike way?

In the Recreation Sector, two major recreation opportunities could be combined – cycling and bush walking. Here is a taste of how that might work…

The Southern Highlands has a great reputation as a cycling destination – especially with Sydney-based enthusiasts. And our region is home to a very active Mountain Bike community.

45% of our region is Public Land. Another 50% is privately owned rural land. Only 5% is zoned as urban.

Because we are a source of water for Sydney strict land use rules apply in many places.

Nevertheless there appear to be magnificent wilderness related opportunities, including a trail linking Fitzroy Falls Reservoir and Fitzroy Falls to a network of wilderness trails (e.g. Wildes Meadow, Bundanoon and Belanglo/Medway), in addition to trails between towns.

The Fitzroy Falls reservoir is a sensitive site, but with the right approach it could be used to educate children from all over NSW about the importance of water. Ideally a well-monitored trail around the reservoir would be part of this learning experience.

The envisaged learning experience could easily be more than a just “a walk in the bush” for students. When they return to their classrooms they could access the area via the ubiquitous “Internet Of Things”, including real-time webcams and monitoring equipment for rainfall, wind and sunshine. Anyone damaging the environment on any of the tracks, or around the reservoir, would risk being seen by people all over the world in real time via the Internet.

Besides outdoor tracks being a destination for school students and bush walkers, the network of tracks could be significant opportunities for mountain bike enthusiasts.

With the right technology in the right place, coverage of mountain bike events could be streamed to the rest of the world via the Internet in a similar way to motor racing. The advertising opportunities could be huge – for cycling related products and services as well as tourism.

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Where we want to be by 2031

  • Wingecarribee community has access to a variety of cultural, recreational and sporting opportunities (2031-People-2.1)
  • Wingecarribee people have a healthy lifestyle and inclusive community (2031-People-2.2)
  • Foster preventative health systems and activities to promote physical, mental and social health (2031-People-2.2.3)
  • Provide structure in the Shire to encourage physical activities and enable access (2031-People-2.2.4)
  • Services and facilities are provided locally to meet the needs of our community (2031-People-2.3)
  • Wingecarribee fosters a diverse, creative and vibrant community (2031-People-2.4)
  • Encourage and implement activities that strengthen community spirit (2031-People-2.4.4)