Just like any journey, we need to confirm where we want to go, understand where we are now, plan our way forward, and take action.

The 2031+ Community Plan is our starting point – where we want to go as a community. It is a comprehensive document that provides us with high-level “quality of life” goals.

Summary of Economic Development in the Southern Highlands

Wingecarribee Shire Council has been working with the community to find opportunities to create jobs in the Southern Highlands. The first public meeting, the Economic Summit, was held in June 2015 to discuss project ideas and how they relate to the 2031 Community Plan. The Investment Summit held in October 2015 was the first opportunity to promote projects chosen by the community to potential investors.

As a result of the Economic Summit, 120 projects were grouped across the following sectors: Water, Food, Shelter, Learning, Energy, Transport, Recreation, Technology, Art, and Business. Since June 2015 the sector groups have been doing the groundwork and research required to determine the commercial feasibility of priority projects in order to retain and create employment over the next 15 years.

Our enthusiastic and committed “brainstrusts” from the Southern Highlands manage and promote most of these projects. Community support of our jobs strategy will be key to the ongoing business and job creation in the region. It is our mission to transition over 8,000 jobs that are likely to be lost over the next 15 years.

Council’s role is to:

  1. Facilitate project meetings as appropriate.
  2. Help with research.
  3. Ensure a “whole of community” approach.
  4. Manage progress across all economic sectors.

We anticipate job creation across all sectors via start-ups, as well as supporting and growing existing businesses. The region will also attract “best of breed” companies and individuals wishing to relocate to the Southern Highlands for professional and lifestyle reasons. It is a win-win for all concerned.