Sector Projects Summaries

These are the project ideas that will be discussed and ranked during the Economic Summit. Click on a Sector link to download the projects for just that Sector, or download All Sectors at once.

Water | Food | Shelter | Energy | Transport | Art-Rec | Business | Learning | All Sectors (ZIP format)

Sector Projects Detailed

These are the full notes for each project as they were originally received. The notes provide more detailed information about each project idea. Click here to download All Projects/All Sectors.

Interim Sector Group Meeting Notes

These notes provide some additional background to the how choices about Sector Projects were made during recent Interim Sector meetings. Click on a Sector link to download the Meeting Notes for just that Sector, or download All Sector Notes at once.

Water – Mon 27th April, 2015 (Notes only)

Food – Tue 28th April, 2015 (Notes only)

Shelter – Wed 29th April, 2015 (Notes only)

Energy – Thu 30th April, 2015 (Notes only)

Transport – Mon 4th May, 2015 (Notes only)

Art-Rec – Wed 5th May, 2015 (Ranked Projects only)

Business – Thu 7th May, 2015 (Ranked Projects only)

Learning – Mon 11th May, 2015 (Ranked Projects only)

All Sector Notes (ZIP format) (All Meeting notes in one compressed file)