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Art Sector Update (21/6/2016)

Promoting Artists & the Southern Highlands Arts Festival

In November each year, galleries, exhibition organisers, and arts related businesses in the Southern Highlands get together for the Southern Highlands Arts Festival. The Highlands Art Studio Trail is the feature event of the Festival and is a wonderful opportunity to promote other arts related products and businesses in the Southern Highlands.

Our Art sector is very active throughout the rest of the year. Every week there are new arts events and opportunities: exhibitions, music, film, talks & lectures, theatre, workshops & courses, community events, and competitions.

While there is no issue about the talent within our community, a common view is that marketing of the Arts sector and the artists themselves outside the region can be improved. Given the quality of the art from the region, the question is how best to approach this massive opportunity.

Should we do this via an Innovation Hub? What about artists teaming up with website designers? Perhaps artists need to work via some kind of association?

Art Sector Summary: July 2015

Where we want to be by 2031

  • Wingecarribee community has access to a variety of cultural, recreational and sporting opportunities (2031-People-2.1)
  • Wingecarribee people have a healthy lifestyle and inclusive community (2031-People-2.2)
  • Foster preventative health systems and activities to promote physical, mental and social health (2031-People-2.2.3)
  • Provide structure in the Shire to encourage physical activities and enable access (2031-People-2.2.4)
  • Services and facilities are provided locally to meet the needs of our community (2031-People-2.3)
  • Wingecarribee fosters a diverse, creative and vibrant community (2031-People-2.4)
  • Encourage and implement activities that strengthen community spirit (2031-People-2.4.4)